Friday, March 02, 2007

Maps of Conquest

Someone spent a lot of time getting this right, and it's really cool -- a history of conquest in the middle east from 3000 BCE to today, as a 90-second flash movie. Egyptians, Macedonians, Mongols, British, and all the empires in between. Definitely worth a minute and a half of your time!
The Website, Maps of War, is an interesting browse. Cool!


Laura said...

Wow, that was totally cool! I had to do a google search since I didn't see a link on your post, but it was easy and worth it. So, who has inalienable rights over the land, then?!

Phouka said...

Eep -- the link was in the post header.

I added a link in the body of the post, as well. Sorry about that!

Laura said...

Oooo! Dope-ily, it never occurred to me that the header itself might be a link! Remember waaaaay back when all links were that same blue color and underlined? Remember back when there were only rotary phones?!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. I want clear overlay maps so that I can look at it much longer! Thank you!