Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cool New Toys

The Adorable Husband is going to be seriously unproductive at work today. Why? Last night he bought an Apple iPhone, and he's going to be playing with it all day, I'm sure.

It is amazingly cool. Apple has definitely clicked with the consumer on design. The iPhone, like the iPods and other apple gadgets is sexy. Smooth and rounded and comfortable and just a joy to hold.

And the iPhone? Live maps, watch videos, get email -- it's absolutely cool. We're heading to San Francisco today, and having the turn-by-turn maps available in an instant is going to be a huge help!

Now I want one. I have absolutely no need for one at all, really, but I waaaant one.


laurafingerson said...

I noticed that he sent an e-mail from his iphone to Mom Thursday!! There was a note on the bottom of the e-mail about it being from an iphone. Oooooooooo! I've seen Rick's and ooooooo do John and I get all drooly just being in the same room as his iphone. Way cool!

Rick of the iPhone b4 price drop said...

Really the drooliness happens whenever I am in the room, but go ahead, say it's the iPhone if that makes you feel better.

Way to go Mark! Have you discovered the coin flip web app yet? ( Definitely the most compelling reason to have an iPhone - Hours of fun!!