Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not my brand of "patriotism"

A booth at the Texas Republican State Convention is selling buttons with such lovely sentiments as "if Obama is president, will we still call it the white house?". WTF?

The company, RepublicanMarket (google for it, I don't want to give them a link), sells "Patriotic and Republican Products". By whose definition? Certainly not mine (and I hope not that of most Republicans). But this is Texas, so I'm not really surprised that this booth managed to get space at the convention. If I were a Republican, I'd be ashamed. As it is, I'm just disgusted. I would expect to see this sort of thing in a sidewalk vendor's cart, or online...not at a formal convention. Apparently some in the party have nothing to peddle but hate and war. Not quite the inclusive and accepting picture they've been trying to paint, eh?

I'm waiting for the spin that tries to explain how this button (and others, like 'Life's a B**tch, don't vote for one!" and "Press 1 for English, press 2 for Deportation") is not a disgusting, repulsive expression of racism, bigotry, and stupidity.

I can only hope that they are no longer peddling their wares at the convention, but I have no idea what the rules are regarding that.

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