Thursday, August 14, 2008

More redecorating news

The living room/dining room redo continues apace: we agreed on drapes (crimsom taffeta), drapery rods (doorknob finials), and are expecting the new furniture in the next week or so! While we will apparently negotiate for months on what do to, once we decide, we can run with it!

The only hiccup in the plan is that I bought a clock that I absolutely love, to hang above the fireplace, and the Adorable husband loathes it. Right now, with my fabulous love of the clock and his hatred of the clock, we are at about even. While I've told him that if he really hates it that much, that I'd return it, but so far, it's still on the mantel, awaiting hanging.

You can vote - click for a larger image. It's a huge clock (28").

Anyways, we found the drapes we love at BedBath and Beyond, so they aren't hundreds of dollars apiece, and they look fabulous. I can't wait for the furniture to show up.

Of course, not all is perfect: I can't get the drapery rods for the big windows until the middle of October some time (backordered), and we haven't found an ottoman yet that we both like, but it is all coming together.


laurafingerson said...

It looks like something out of Edgar Allan Poe. Cool, but dark and bloody at the same time. Is this a Cask of Amontillado themed living room? I can't wait to see it!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Poe. Definitely Poe. Sorry, I agree with your AH. :-)