Monday, December 15, 2008

Replacement Policy

If you have dogs, you need Lupine Collars -- their replacement policy is absolutely fabulous. Basically, if the collar is damaged for any reason, including puppies chewing on them, they replace them, no questions asked.

I think we're on our 10th or 12th collar for Berit, and at least three for Rowan.

For some reason, they seem to like to grab hold of them and chew them off when they play (including once when Rowan got his jaw stuck under Berit's collar and scared the living crap out of me -- she was turning blue by the time I caught them and unclipped her collar!).

Eventually, they're going to have to cut us off. But so far, we show up at our vet's office about once a month with a mangled collar and bring home a spiffy new one.

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