Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scandianvia Day 1

We're off! Left the dogs in the capable hands of our housesitter, Rainer (and our neighbor, Bacon Lady) and slogged through the deluge to the airport to start off our trip to Scandinavia.

I had the standard pre-trip anxiety attack -- what have I forgotten? What if we get there and Sweden is CLOSED? What happens if we miss our flight? -- and rushed about like a demented weirdo for the afternoon before we left. Made a last minute run to pick up a spare pair of glasses and i still forgot to return all the library books. Oh, well.

We packed last night, really (although we've been piling up things on the dining room table for a week or more) and I managed to come in under 35 lbs (for a month! A new record!). Plus camera gear, of course. And Kindle. The guy at the security checkpoint int he airport commented that our trip must be a good one, if the amount of camera stuff is any indication!

But, we're in the lovely BA lounge, enjoying free glasses of wine and dinner, and I'm starting to calm down. I might take another glass of wine, though.

So -- off to Stockholm (we arrive tomorrow) and four days there,then to visit family in southern Sweden, and then onwards to Denmark, Norway, and finally Russia! Yeeha! (Yes, I'll post the embarassing and entirely too detailed charts of the trip. I promise. Mock away.

As for now, I'm going to finish my wine, relax, and see what I can do about getting seats together on the plane. More later from Sunny Scandinavia!

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