Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back to Sweden

Travel day. Up at the crack of 9:00, breakfast, and off to the airport to fly back to Stockholm. We arrived at the hotel about 2pm and we've been lumping about and whining that we should do something this afternoon (beyond going into the airport concourse for an ice-cream bar), and that it's a lovely day and we ought to go out into the world to see something we missed...

..and so far, we've managed nothing. Well, not quite nothing -- we did repack and distribute the tchotkes that we have bought (including a boatload of Russian chocolate) into the various bags and such, and checked in to our flight.

Now we're sitting in the nice, cool hotel room in complete silence. Mark is playing his iphone bird-flinging game and I'm browsing the interwebs randomly. This may describe our entire day. Except we might actually get motivated enough to nap.

Tomorrow? Home. Airline flights all day, but home to sleep in our own beds.

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