Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Progressing Well!

At five weeks out, I'm doing really well -- no pain, able to put my foot down a bit for balance and toe-touch a bit while using the walker. I'm about a week ahead of schedule (compared to the last one, anyway).  We took one of the wedges out of the boot over the weekend, so I'm chugging right along!

Hopefully, I'll be able to start walking in the boot in the next few weeks. I have a followup appointment in two weeks, which is probably when he'll give me the go-ahead to start clomping about. I hope so!

I'm getting tired of the scooter, but I'm trying very hard to be a compliant patient and not start walking on my foot too early. I really wish that I could drive, though. The "can't leave the house" is beginning to make me a bit crazy. If I could drive, being stuck at home isn't a big deal -- but with the boot on the right foot this time, I can't fit into Mark's car and can't drive safely. Mark is being very patient, though, and hauling me around on demand with good grace. I know it's hard when he's been at work all day, to come home and then turn around immediately and head back out somewhere. But he's pretty cheerful about it. I'm sure he'll be relieved when my "must go OUT OUT OUT" demands slow down.

We're heading up skiing in two weeks (well, Mark will ski, I'll lounge about like a lump),  Hopefully we'll have snow!