Monday, June 05, 2006

Casing the Joint

On Saturday morning, we saw a white van parked in front of our house, and I glimpsed a guy walking along the side of the house. With the basement work, we didn’t think too much of it initially, but then noticed that it was an eletrician’s van and no electricians were supposed to be working. Hm. Suspcious – but by the time we went outside to check, he’d gone.


The same day, we got the newsletter from the HOA – which included a notice to report a ‘strange white work van, parking on the street at night, and disappearig by 7am’.


When it was sitting in the culdesac this morning, the Adorable Husband called the police. The officer was still sitting by the van, waiting for the guy to return when I left for work. This person has apparently been casing construction sites and stealing stuff – tools, dryers, etc. They think he’s targeting the huge development behind us, which has half a dozen houses partially finished. Or, he may have been wandering around our house to see what was available.  The poor dogs are so confused about people in the house that I don’t think they’d bark at anyone!

At any rate, I had to call the basement people at six this morning to tell them that the house was locked up tight (we’d been leaving the basement windows unlocked, so they could come and go at will) and that they needed to lock it up when they left.  Fun. NOT.


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