Friday, June 16, 2006

In Good Company?

Jay Leno:
"Republicans in the Senate have announced they are moving on from gay marriage ... to a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. ... We would join the only three other countries who have banned flag burning: China, Cuba and Iran. We can stand with our brothers on this issue."
Yup. We're in good company. Yet another ridiculous issue to draw attention away from the monumental failures of this administration --oh! Yes! Gotta stop those flag-burners. Yeah, that's an important issue. We're wasting time on this? Apparently the GOP wants you to believe that this a top issue for the public. It doesn't even show up on the radar for most people. Definitely in touch with reality, eh?

The Adorable Husband has very strong opinions about this -- and as someone who has actually risked their life to defend "the flag", I think he'sgot a point: want to burn the flag? Go ahead, as long as you bought the damn thing. It's just a flag. A symbol. Steal someone else's flag to burn it and he'll kick your ass.

I think it says a lot about the idea to punish flag-burning that the countries that have done this are some of the most appaling offenders of human rights, who value blind obedience and submission to the rule of the government as the most important thing of all. I don't want to be a part of that little clique, thank you very much.

Think about it this way -- one of the few ways to properly dispose of a ragged or dirty flag is by burning. The only difference between the Boy Scouts burning their flags to dispose of them and someone burning one in protest is what they are thinking.

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