Friday, November 03, 2006

First Tri-ped Day

We had a pretty quiet night last night -- although Rukh whined in the car because he couldn't get comfortable. It's the FIRST TIME I've ever heard him whine; DH got so concerned he pulled over on the freeway to check that nothing was poking him or pulling his stitches. He was just woozy from the drugs and very tired.

Once we manhandled him inside (and manhandle is the word -- he was DONE with walking by that time) he racked out in the living room and slept. I couldn't get him up to pee around midnight -- he seemed like he was interested in going out, but wasn't going to budge.

This morning, he was wagging and got up himself to get to the door. I still had the towel tucked up under his belly to support him, since his "good" leg is really, really weak right now and he tires so easily. He rabbitted off into the yard like he had a purpose, and I let him get too far....about a quarter of the way back, he STOPPED. I spend over an hour trying to get him back in the house (including pushing him onto a sheet and dragging him across the grass) and eventually just had to hoist him up as best I can and pull him into the house (it's only about 20 degrees outside, and I didn't want him to sit outside in the cold without his fur!). I don't think I hurt him, but it can't have been comfortable.

Once inside, he just sprawled in the hallway for awhile, but a few minutes ago got up under his own power and made it ot he living room.

It's my responsibility to know that he's got no stamina and prevent him from doing things like he did this morning -- now I know. Yikes.

Oh -- his incision is about 12" long, 40 staples. Other than being really, really red (and I'm sure he'll be a lovely shade of green and yellow as the bruise forms, since he's pink under all his fur, he looks great. I saw a huge improvement even from last night in how it looks. And, I wasn't really grossed out, like I thought I was going to be. I don't really even notice the lack of his leg -- just the massive bruise. Poor guy. He doesn't like the cold packs (as instructed by the vet) but they do seem to help!

I'm very tired, though. I hope that he gains enough strength to manage a bit easier soon. We'll be up a creek if I throw my back out trying to haul around a hundred pound beast. And those blow-up camp mattresses? Not so comfortable. If I have to sleep on the living room floor again, I'm having my neighbor go out and pick me up an Aerobed or a futon. LOL.

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Laura said...

Wow. You hauled him back into the house on a sheet? I am SO impressed. Rukh is a big dog. Too cute - I would love to see a photo of that!

I am glad to hear Rukh is doing okay! He sounds just like the rest of us if he is trying to do too much (i.e., running) too soon (i.e., only a day after amputation).