Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Surgery Day

We brought Rukh up to CSU this morning to check him in for surgery. Yesterday was a bad, bad day -- he was barely able to stand up and his hock and foot had swollen up terribly. Even his toes were poofy. We upped his pain meds, and the two Tramadol every four hours that was making him so groggy he couldn't walk just a week ago, now took just enough of the edge off that he could sleep and was able to get up and around.

This morning, he was actually a bit perky -- went outside and walked around a bit, and seemed pretty happy in the car. The student who is handling our case is very sweet, and she spent a lot of time just talking to Rukh and petting him, so when we handed over the leash he was quite happy to go off with her.

Surgery should be around 1pm, and they'll keep him on intravenous pain killers and fluids for twenty-four hours after that. When he can stand up on his own, and when he pees as least once, we can take him home. Probably tomorrow afternoon, late.

I really, really hope that this is better for him.

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