Friday, January 26, 2007

Mandatory Meeting

My company is flying everyone to Colorado this weekend for an all-company meeting -- to celebrate the fact that we had a stupendous year, made boatloads of money, and are poised to continue that trend. All well and good -- people from our Chicago office fly in tonight and we'll all have a meeting tomorrow morning to get the rah-rah speeches and then we'll meet again at dinner to have some time to socialize with everyone and their families.

Most of the Chicago people came, and while it was nice to see everyone, i can't help but feel that a weekend getaway trip to Keystone resort for skiing and winter fun is pinched a bit by a mandatory meeting. Especially when said meeting convenes at 7:30am on Saturday.
I can't fault the intentions -- we rarely get to see everyone in the company, and it was nice to see those faces again. We all had a good time, dinner was lovely, and the Friday get-together at the local pizza place (exclusively for our company) was fun. We're excited that we did well, but we knew that (or we wouldn't all be out skiing for the weekend). I never understood the need to do the rah-rah thing if you've already pitched the reward. Ah, well.

I'm sure we'll enjoy the weekend -- we'll meet friends for a nice dinner, the Adorable Husband will ski all day, and I'll get a facial and spa afternoon after the meeting. We'll get to see everyone at the big fondue dinner up on the mountain, and talk to all the people we normally only "see" through email. Fun!

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