Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pass me a beer

Saw a cute quote today:

"If television is a babysitter, then the internet is a drunk librarian that won't shut up." - unknown

I have a hard time remembering Life Without Google -- having so much information available at my fingertips, being able to look up almost everything (well, as long as you learn how to filter out the whackos, I guess) is a given nowadays. Remember when you had no options to research the best price for something? When you never saw a newspaper article from a different city? When, if you wanted to speak to a public forum, you probably could not?

Sure, the 'net is full of drivel (this blog is probably in that list!), but the ratio of good, useful information to worthless tripe is pretty good. Well, if you eliminate the porn, I guess (although I'm sure the ration of good: bad is probably the same in that genre, too).

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