Monday, April 14, 2008

Polish Tapas

Where some of these conversations come up, I have no idea. We were in the car talking about appetizers and the fact that I actually blogged a bacon-wrapped tater tot recipe because it sounded so good, and I pointed out that of course it would: I'm polish. Potatoes are my life.

Which morphed into a discussion of the perfect snack. We finally devised what we thought would be the perfect finger food for our household (Polish and Scandinavian):

White-cheddar mashed potatoes and bacon in fried wonton shells. Perhaps rolled up like tiny little potato burritos. I argued that they had to be bite-sized, so the mashed potatoes wouldn't ooze out when you tried to eat them, and the Adorable Husband proposed the little egg-roll skins instead of wontons.

Yes, we're weird. But now I have a strange craving for mashed-potato-bacon-wontons.

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