Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When you Vote

I've already voted (by mail, which is allowed in Colorado for everyone), and many other people are taking advantage of "early voting" in person, but many people are waiting until Election Day to vote, and trying to juggle work and commute and other reponsibilities that day.

I personally think that Election Day should be a federal holiday. I mean, Columbus gets a day, isn't the day we celebrate the internal workings of our democracy (or republic, if you must pick nits) important enough to take off?

At any rate, here are the state-by-state rules for taking time off work to vote.

Also if you have any questions about whether you are registed or what status your absentee vote is in, check out

Not sure what you need to do to identify yourself? Are you a student and not sure if you can vote at home or at school?

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