Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trained Monkeys

I got clued in to some"online computer training' that was being offered (name withheld to protect the innocent) and I've just been laughing my butt off over this.

Go ahead -- try it! Mousing Around Training

Really? Are there actually people out there who don't have any clue whatsoever how to use a mouse on a computer? Well -- perhaps there are. My father is not the most computer-savvy person, and I suppose his first introduction was rather hard for him. But most people are at least familiar with what they are, aren't they?

But eleven slides about the mouse before you even TOUCH it? That has to be the most simplistic training that I"ve ever seen.

I suppose it is a way to make sure that everyone has the same, very basic, knowledge about how to use the mouse and navigate in web pages. Of course, it's a bit insulting that the training is at the "trained monkey could do this" level.

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Anonymous said...

Well, my mother picked up the mouse and pointed it at the screen on her first try. I am sure the stifled laughter (after the disbelieving silence) was not appreciated.