Saturday, November 07, 2009

..into the silence

Yeah, I've been quiet for a few days.

New computer game.

Very absorbing, time-suck of a computer game. So instead of doing anything constructive with my evenings, I've been battling ogres and dragons and zombies.

I'm seriously getting too old to stay up until 2am playing games. It makes getting up for work pretty hard in the morning. But it's fun!

Dragon Age: Origins

Lovely game, and - -as I've found out over the last four days -- it drags you in for hours. Great voice acting, good graphics (although not the best I've seen) and an engrossing storyline with so many different options that I've barely made it out of the first city. I keep wandering around talking to everyone.

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laurafingerson said...

As soon as I read "new computer game," I totally laughed. That is SO John!! He nodded his head in complete sympathy and understanding. And, of course, he had already read all about that game. Hooray for time sucks!