Friday, November 27, 2009

Sage and more sage

Historically, we've gone shopping for The Turkey Feast and bought a bottle of sage. Since my recipe uses about half a bottle of sage, some time last year we looked in the cupboard and had...SEVEN half-empty bottles and cans of sage.

So when on the shopping trip this year, we both looked at the spice aisle and said to each other -- "oh, no, we have TONS of sage at home and dont' need another bottle to add to the collection!"

So, as I was making my fabulous stuffing this evening, I reach into the spice cabinet for sage.


Nothing. We both rummaged through the cupboard, disbelieving. How could there be NO sage? How could we possibly be OUT?

Well, at some point during the year, we apparently decided to clear out all the old, half-used bottles and made a note to buy a fresh new bottle from Penzey's before Thanksgiving. And forgot.

The Adorable Husband is currently at the grocery store, buying sage, while I do the rest of the stuffing recipe. Hah!!

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