Friday, June 22, 2012

Ah-hah! At th airport, heading off on vacation! We're here about screen hours early, as usual, but that does give us time to sit down to a nice (if expensive) steak dinner at the chophouse, and then sit and wait to board. Nice wine, good steak...can't complain too much. The flight is delayed about 35 minutes, but that's ok. I'm sure thry'll make up some time in the air. At the moment, though, fortified by large glasses of wine, I don't really care much. I do worry that Mark wasnt able to get bulkhead seats...he may be Pretzell Boy by the time we land tomorrow. I spent the morning a bit frantically trying to make sure that I had everything covered at work--lots of emails and calls. Why does it take three times as long totellsoeoe what you do, as it does to do it yourself? Seriously, I spent more time writing about what Ido each day as I did actuall doing it. Hopefully things go smoothly. Off to London, and then to polar bears and narwhals!

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