Sunday, June 24, 2012

Arrived in fine fashion-- a bit sleepless, and crunched from the flight, but alive and well. It took over an hour to get through customs and fetch our luggage, and we weren't on the road to Bath until after three.

It's only two hours or a little less to Bath, although we ended up arriving too late to go to the abbey and climb the tower. Not much to miss, though, since it had begun raining in earnest just as we arrived.

Our B&B is lovely. The Athole House, just on the outskirts of town, very comfortable and quiet, and Wolfgang, the owner, even drove us into town so we could grab some dinner! We got soaking wet, of course, but popped into a pub for a beer and beef pie to dry off. And then, of course, we were hit by the jet lag and barely made it back intime to collapse. That might have been the first taxi ride we've taken on vacation, but a twenty minute walk in the downpour would have been a bit too much.

Stupefied with food and local beer (Elderwitch, and some other hoppy local ale) we collapsed into heaps and slept for twelve hours. a king size bed was much welcome.

Today started out blustery and chilly, but I've been assured that it will clear up (hah--that's what I thought last night!) so we are going to head out with raincoats this morning. And waterproof shoes. If it does clear up, yeah! The plan today is to wander around Bath, see the abbey and take the Bath walking tour, then cme back to see the actual Roman baths, before heading out of town to see Stonehenge later today. We'll drive out after lunch, I think. Originally we were going to e at the baths whe. They opened, but that would mean a short visit. Since the walk begins at 10:30 and that would only gives an hour...instead of the recommended two. And, since I am rarely quick at historic sites, probably a better plan to tryit after lunch. We'll loop around to Salisbury and Stonehenge n the afternoon...I think we just need to be there by five or six. I'll check the book!

Off to breakfast!

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