Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Surgery day 0

Following the instructions for no food or water from midnight on wasn't too bad-- especially since we discovered that Dairy Queen is open until 11pm.  We spent last night getting everything set up in the
Icing room, charging all the various electronic devices I have, and letting me just freak out a bit.

Getting up at 4:30 so I can shower and scrub my leg and get to the surgery enter by 6 was less fun, but after a few more bits of paperwork to sign I was whisked back to change into the lovely backless gown, get an IV and get scrubbed yet again with chlorhexadine.  The anesthesiologist gave me a nerve block from the knee down, versed and fentanyl, and after three breaths in the mask and whatever else they pushed in the IV, I was asking Mark when they were going to start and he laughed and said it was over.  I remember nothing-- including most of the ride home.

Surgery took about two hours.  There were a few areas of calcification in the tendon itself that he had to reduce, and he cut off the bone spur and removed the Haglunds bone bump, and bolted everything back together.  I'm in a splint and wrapped with about two inches of gauze and bandaging, but everything is still totally numb.

The nerve block should last for 12-36 hours (although it could take up to 48) and while it's working, I  feel nothing, and can't move my toes.  It's the not being able to move my toes that's freaking me out a bit--if I think about it, I get all squicked out and anxious.  By the lack of any pain is good.

Im supposed to ice and elevate for the next 48 hours, and pretty much do nothing.  Slept the rest of the day, mostly.

Watched a bit of tv while ensconced in the Throne, and shimmed up the stairs on my butt at nine to sleep.  My leg is still numb, so once I got comfortable in bed, I was out like a light. Mark had me start on the pain meds just in case things wore off In the middle of the night.  So far, so good!

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laurafingerson said...

I can totally see Mark laughing and saying, "it's over!"