Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Day 1: Still Numb

Slept like a rock last night -- no pain whatsoever, mostly just awkward with the splint and wrapping, so once I got settled, I was out for the count. Mark strongly suggested taking the pain pills, just on the of chance that things might start hurting overnight, but things were still totally numb this morning when I got up (at the lovely early hour of 10am!).

Getting up and down the stairs is a bit of a trial -- scoot up on my butt is the only real option. I haven't really used the crutches much, and since I'm not very good at them, I really don't want to try them on stairs while I'm still so wobbly. Mark carries the scooter up the stairs for me.

The knee scooter has been a lifesaver; even at this early date, it means I can get around the house and I'm not worried about putting my foot down or slipping or anything. I've got just about every assistive device we could think of (wheelchair, crutches, on-legged-peg-leg crutch, walker, scooter) and I'm whizzing about on the scooter with ease. I have to be careful backing up, since I can't feel if my foot gets whapped on things.

Fabulous scooter, though, isn't it? Unfortunately, I couldn't find a red one. The basket comes in handy, though. And it has a handbrake.

So, I spent the day in the recliner watching movies and reading (and napping), and thinking that this isn't really too bad, I'm beginning to get a few twitches in my foot and leg, but my toes are still numb and swollen, I'm figuring that things will be better tomorrow.

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