Monday, December 26, 2005

No New Puppy for Xmas

Another Christmas past, and all is well with our families. Our holidays here at the Phouka household were quiet and uneventful (in fact, we alternated napping with reading our christmas-gift books). The Adorable Husband was on call the whole weekend, but apparently no one succumbed to holiday stress or holiday goodies, so he never got called in.

I spent the morning chuckling through the Complete Calvin and Hobbes; the husband was immersed in the enormous Chapman's Piloting and neither of us bothered to get dressed until sometime after two. All in all a nice day.

Our neighbors have a new puppy, which makes me really, really want a new puppy -- and that's the one thing that I've consistently lost on: the edict in the house is two people, two dogs. I'm sure that if I found another puppy, you know, just wandering the streets, the Adorable Husband would love it to bits. But of course, I'd be sleeping in the garage by myself while he cuddled the puppy. Hmph.

We never did put the tree up. We planned to, but by the time we finally decided to do it, it was Christmas Eve and we figured, why put it up for just a few days?. I was reminded that we left the tree up last year until March sometime, and we just decided to pass on the whole thing. I put up stockings, though, and we have a tiny rosemary bush that looks like a passable tree, so it wasn't a complete loss. And there were lights outside. Our display was quite pitiful compared to some of the extravaganzas in the neighborhood, I'm sure we're on the "bad holiday decorating" list and our HOA will have a note in our mailbox soon. Some of the lights are positively Griswold-esque. Although, I'm thankful we don't have this guy in our neighborhood. (office friendly, but w/ sound) I'm sure that he's an inspiration to a few of our neighborhood decorators, though.

Ah well, back to work tomorrow. Only seventeen more days. Seventeen. Woo-hoo!

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