Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Planet of the Apes

I have to admit that I'm creeped out by a recent Doug-Doug TomTom ad on television. I'm sure you've seen them in one of their incarnations: people driving in a car and the driver is constantly snapping, "DougDoug! Which turn do I take? DougDoug! I think that was the turn!" or somesuch nonsense. TomTom is a GPS-mapping gizmo and service that speaks to you and give you precise directions (I assume in cities where the service is supported?).

I think the service is pretty cool, actually (although we have so far avoided anything in the car with a screen on it, to keep the Adorable Husband from trying to drive the car like it's a video game!), it's just that this latest ad has the creepiest looking woman in it. She has a positively emaciated face...except for her enormous poofed-up lips. They stick out past the rest of her face like some weird chimpanzee snout. They move about as well as those rubber face-masks, too. Planet of the Apes meets modern plastic surgery. Ugh.

I really don't understand the giant-lip phenomenon. I mean, it just doesn't look natural at all. Sure, some people have tiny, thin lips that could benefit from a little plumping, but this penchant for injecting half of the fat on your ass into your lips so that you look like a demented duck really doesn't do it for me. It nearly always looks fake, and previously attractive women suddenly look deformed. (For some of the strangest (and snarkiest) commentary on plastic surgery, check out Awful Plastic Surgery)

The Adorable Husband notes that I do not appreciate this sort of thing because I am not...ahem..."plumbed properly".


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