Friday, March 24, 2006

Dregs of Humanity

Phelps and his 'god hates fags' crew were in Denver yesterday. They've taken that vitriolic hatred on the road and are now protesting SOLDIER"S FUNERALS. Why? Because they are quite sure that their twisted, f-cked up version of god is "punishing america" because we allow gays in the military and tolerate homosexuality in our culture. Their latest chant was praising the IED (improvised explosives) in Iraq for killing soldiers. That's vomitous.

It was bad enough when these a**holes protested the funeral of a murdered gay man, and started travelling around the country to wave signs and announce that people were going to hell ...but protesting a soldier's funeral? Because the psychotic leader of their 'christian church" is so homophobic he starts to fit the stereotype of and anti-gay man with serious homosexual tendencies? The whole lot of them are mentally disturbed and quite possibly dangerous.

Yes, I fully realize that these people don't in any way, shape, or form represent christianity. But they certainly put themselves out there as "good christians" doing the work of god. Whatever made-up, twisted version of "god" they worship, these cowardly morons deserve contempt and dismissal. They really deserve to be treated as what they are: diseased animals.

Most of the words that come to mind to describe these hateful, hypocritical people are not for polite company. I am reduced to pure, white-hot rage when I think of these people waving signs to "prove" that america is failing because gays are not exterminated. That's what they want -- gay people, and any people who disagree with the Westboro church, should be killed. Only they have the right message from 'god', didn't you know?

The Colorado legislature was considering a law to ban them from picketing the funerals of soldiers. Unfortunately, while I"d like nothing more than to see the whole lot of them in jail -- it is free speech. Hateful speech. Disgusting speech, but they have the right to do it. Passing a law preventing them from expressing themselves sets a bad precedent. I hate that that's true. I'd like to see them spend years in prison for hate speech. They've crossed a line that simply shouldn't be crossed by a people in a modern society.

Of course, what really bothers me about this is that I'm sure there are people out there who look at the picketing of gay funerals and government session where gay marriage is being considered as a good thing. They wouldn't say it out loud, of course, but they're just a-quiver with glee that someone is standing up and saying the hateful things they believe. But even these people have to be squirming a little at the bizarre notion that soldiers are to be blamed, and their deaths to be celebrated, because gays exist. But are they standing up and loudly denouncing the ass-marmots of Phelps' "church"? I don't hear very many of them.

The only way to minimize their impact is to completely ignore them. COMPLETELY. No news coverage, no newpaper articles, no sobbing interviews with the maligned family, no pictures, no audio clips, no counter-protests, no confrontations. Treat them as if they are invisible. Do not report on any of their actions, don't print any letters pro or con, don't pass legislation aimed specifically at them, simply behave as if they don't exist. Sounds like just ignoring the problems, right? But what it's really doing is taking away from them the only thing they really want: attention. They don't care about anything but being in the spotlight. Deny them that and they cease to be of any importance at all. In fact, it just might push their psychotic leader into doing something that is actually illegal...and then he can be jailed and hopefully left in a cell as somebody's b--ch. All without any coverage by the media, of course, so that the slack-jawed followers of his homophobic paranoia get nothing out of the martyrdom of their leader.

There are several articles in the local paper (, but I really don't want to link to them and give anyone the misguided notion that I support this psychopath. Search on google if you're interested.

I need to go take a shower. Just reading about this guy makes me feel slimy.

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