Thursday, March 23, 2006

Most Annoying Modern Conveniences

For those of us who can't stand the incessant beeping of cell phones, the fact that there are 900 channels on cable, or the plethora of other "time saving devicese" -- a righteous rant on the Top 9 Most Annoying Conveniences.

Of course, other than the bloop!-bloop! of idiots with walki-talkie cell phones, I like most of the things on the list. I'm a freak.


The Tiger said...

Are iditos, like, dumber idiots? Or, perhaps, Spanish-speaking ones? Which in my mind makes them smarter than monolingual idiots, unless they ONLY speak Spanish, in which case they're just normal garden variety idiots. As you can tell, I have a multi-dimensional algorithm to precisely plot any given idiot into a calibrated idiocy phase-space, allowing their specific brand of idiocy to be accurately described, categorized, and easily referenced.

I'll go ahead and stop now.

Phouka said...

Ok, ok! I corrected the spelling!

You might be able to patent and market the "idiot calibrator". I can see a huge need for that!