Friday, May 25, 2007

Bagging it

You how some days just get away from you and it's easier to just call it a day and not even try anymore? That's today. Seriously.

Both the PM and I are very frustrated with one of our clients -- for a variety of reasons I won't post here -- and our weekly status lunch turned into a generic bitch-bag session. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with two hour lunches, but when I got in my car and drove away, I realized that I'd hit 40 hours sometime on Thursday and I was just done. finis. over-and-out.

I went home and got re-immersed in my favorite computer game for about six hours. The Adorable Husband was stuck at work until almost 10pm, and I wasn't even aware that it was suddenly LATE. Definitely a completely engrossing game. If I haven't mentioned it before, the game is a PC role-playing game called Oblivion. We have it on the PC and downstairs on the xBox. It's quite nice on the big screen!

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