Tuesday, May 15, 2007

School days

I spend quite a lot of time in online forums (Salon's Tabletalk is a favorite) and after talking extensively about school and school projects, realized that if someone referred to going to school "at the U" -- they invariably meant the University of Minnesota. No one could think of another university that was referred to as "the U"...just the UofM.

Which only served to remind me that I don't sound Minnesotan anymore, unless I'm actually saying 'Minna-soh-t'n'. Sigh. I've always believed that we in the midwest have a pretty flat, almost non-existant 'accent' (which is wishful thinking, we all have accents), but I've apparently started sounding more 'western' than 'midwestern'.

I may have to adopt a Fargo accent just to reconnect with my roots! Ya, sure, you betcha!

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