Friday, January 04, 2008

Dental Surgery

While we were in MN, the filling that the Adorable Husband had done on the 20th started to act up. Within a few days, it was so excruciatingly painful that he was barely making it from one dose of tylenol to the next.

An emergency visit to a dentist in MN confirmed that there was a serious problem, although they told him he could manage for another day or so to have his dentist at home handle it (they thought it was a bad filling) and sent him on his way.

It turns out that the problem is a bit more serious than a bad filling, though, and requires extraction of his wisdom tooth. He's not happy. He's got a full set of wisdom teeth which haven't had any problems until now, but htey are so far back in his mouth that they are hard to fill and so a cavity in one of them is a serious problem. He goes in Monday to have it done. They're actually going to take both wisdom teeth on the right side. I'm stocking up on mashed potatoes and soup for him.

Of course, the first oral surgeon he called told him that they could see in in February. Now, I have no problem with them not having an appointment, but I still boggle that they thought a reasonable response to a request for an emergency appointment was to try to schedule something in six weeks. Um, no. Perhaps, "sorry, we're entirely booked for weeks and weeks and here's a list of other surgeons we recommend!"

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