Monday, January 07, 2008

Who Needs Congress?

If Congress doesn't reauthorize No Child Left Behind, Bush intends to make as many changes as he can "on his own" through administrative or executive order means.
"And so now is the time for Congress to reauthorize it. I'm sure a lot of people look around the country and say it's impossible for Congress and the President to work together. I strongly disagree. We worked together to get the bill written in the first place, and I believe we can work together to get it reauthorized. If it's not reauthorized, then I've instructed our Secretary to move forward on some reforms or to analyze reforms that she can do through the administrative process. If Congress passes a bill that weakens the accountability system in the No Child Left Behind Act, I will strongly oppose it and veto it, because the act will continue on -- in other words, this act isn't expiring, it just needs to be reauthorized."
Congress? Who needs Congress? Certainly not the king.

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