Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Stoned Puppies

So, we left our bags in the hallway upon returning home yesterday and the Adorable Husband left the outer pocket of his unzipped...which predictable results: the puppy weasels rifled through the bags and had a grand old time.

Normally, not a huge problem. Except this time, there was a full bottle of aspirin in the pocket. I heard them crunch on the bottle, and made it out into the living room in time to see the contents spread all over the living room...we have no idea if they ate any of the actual pills or not. Most of the aspirin were wet, but the bottle was mostly full when I scooped everything up.

Off to the emergency vet, tuit suit, after a rather frantic call to our vet. Aspirin can be seriously toxic to dogs, so they sedated the weasels (after coming out to tell us, "oh, they are active, aren't they?) and pumped them full of charcoal. We honestly don't think they ate more than one or two aspirin, but better safe than sorry.

They seem to be fine. Of course, it's awfully fun to have puppies that are so stoned you can sort of pile them up and bend them like gumby dolls. We had to carry them in from the car, and once we got them on the dog beds, they didn't move at all for six hours. Rowan just wanted to lay down and stare at the corner.

We were wondering if we could have more sedative...they are quite cuddly and sweet when they are high as kites!

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