Sunday, February 24, 2008

Canned Pancakes

Well, this might be a sign of the coming collapse of society: pancakes and waffles from an aerosol can. Organic, even.

Seriously. About 9 full-sized pancakes, dispensed from a can like whipped cream. They're pretty good, actually, and definitely live up to the promise of "quick".

Of course, we probably don't need to have nearly instant pancakes, just sitting there in the refrigerator, waiting to be zooped out onto a hot griddle. I think we'll be having too many pancakes for the next week or so -- since we bought the stuff from Costco, and so have THREE cans o'pancake in there.

They certainly aren't as good as made-from-scratch batter (even made from mix batter), but they are light and have a nice buttery, yeasty taste to them. Tender, and not chewy at all (which is my primary complaint about Perkin's pancakes -- chewiness).

I'm not sure if this is meant to be marketed towards parents...I can't imagine that pancakes every morning is a good idea with small children, but talk about convenient. We certainly had fun with them!


laurafingerson said...

OMG. And *too funny* that the squirt-em pancakes, which could not be more processed, are "organic." I can totally imagine how much fun they would be! Now, with squirt-em pancakes, I bet you could make an entire meal with all the food groups, out of a squirt-em bottle.

Anonymous said...

Leave it up to Auntie R to let the doting grandparents know about this fun food. Parents of her nieces, live in fear!