Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Well, I have a new tiny-little sorry-assed first-world problem: my new monitor is SO BIG that I have to turn my head to see the corners.

I have a cramp.

Of course, I'm having a hard time finding anyone to really pity me much for this awful and nearly insurmountable problem. Woe is me.

My company paid out their stock options last week, and we allotted a smidgen of it for "fun money" -- my immediate purchase was an absolutely glorious 30" Samsung monitor. It's bigger than the TV! It's HUUUUGE. The monitor on the left is 20" and it's puny, bwaahahaha!

The Adorable Husband had to build an extension shelf onto the back of my desk, so I could push it far enough back that it wasn't like sitting in the front row of a movie. I moved my old monitor over to be my work monitor (yes, I have two computers on my desk, one for work and one for non-work. The last time I installed work stuff on my own desktop, it took weeks to clean up the resulting mess. )

I think I may have regained some of my geek points.

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