Saturday, February 07, 2009

No Shirt, No shoes

One of the idiotic stories showing up this week is that Andrew Card, former Bush Chief of Staff has been criticizing Obama for doing work in the oval office without his suit coat on. One of the much-hyped "rules" of the Bush White House was that anyone entering the Oval Office had to have a suit on. There are stories of him locking the door and ejecting people who did not follow this rule.

You know, to properly respect the office or some such nonesense. Card is claiming that Obama is somehow denigrating the office or not taking it seriously or something equally as ridiculous. Apparently, for Republicans, it's more important to look like you're doing something, than atually doing it. And Card keeps popping up on the new talking about it, like a broken record.

It's a stupid rule, and one that Bush (and others) broke on many occassions. To make an issue out of it is just ..weird. What's important is what's done in the Oval office, not how people look doing it. It's not a photo op, it's a working government. One respects the office by honoring its place in a constitutional system, not by wearing a suit. I (and everyone else, apparently) find nothing wrong with the president settling down to actuall get work done with his tie loosened and his jacket off. He's not meeting foreign dignitaries in a t-shirt, people. Get a grip.

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