Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Uitwaaien

We've been having gale-force winds for the last few days -- house creaking, banging, and howling wind. The kind of wind that makes me a bit nervous to be on the second floor.

This usually isn't so bad, but the lot next door is still just dirt and least an inch of it has been relocated into my house. Every single window sill (despite having all the windows closed and locked, with good weatherstripping) is dirty, and there is a plume of dirt on the carpet from a gap near the door hinge. The stuff is insidious.

We went outside last night and thought that all the mulch in the backyard was gone -- but we realized that it was indeed there, just under a thick layer of topsoil.

It's been too windy to walk outside; the gusts will knock you sideways. The Adorable husband has been making fun of me for saying that I like uitwaaien (walking in windy weather for fun) and that I just missed my best chance.

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