Friday, February 13, 2009

No Valentine's Day

The Adorable Husband took the day off and went up skiing for the weekend.

Yes, over Valentine's Day.

I don't DO Valentine's Day. I'm scarred for life over Valentine's Day.

Second grade - spent two days in art class making decorating shoeboxes for our valentines cards. Coverd in shiny paper, with glitter, cutout hearts, lace, the works. We were so excited, and everyone put their box up on the front table with their name on it. The teacher gave out a list of students in the class.

I went home and made handmade, decorated valentines for everyone on the list. Each one was different, each one lovingly colored and lettered. I carefully carried them to school on Valentine's Day and put each one in the kid's box. Even in second grade, we snuck around a little, so no one saw us put the extra-special nice valentine in the cute boy's valentine box.

After lunch, everyone picked up their box from the table and opened it.


Zero. Zilch. Nada. My box was empty. Despite my name in glitter on the side, there were no valentines for me in the box. Other people had dozens of them, and some people even got little candies or chocolates.

I had none.

The Teacher had missed my name when she typed up the class list.


Anonymous said...

That's the saddest thing I've heard all day--although I have heard that story 8 bagillion times in my life. I was class helper today at Peter's school for the 2nd grade V-day party and can only imagine how scarring it would be if no cards showed up in the box. Peter, too, made his valentine's cards by hand this year--with my expensive card stock used for scrapbooking!!!! And glitter. And he took a lovely rhinestone ring of mine and slipped into the admired Alice's box. I hate Valentine's Day too. You are not alone.

laurafingerson said...

Totally my reaction -- that is the saddest thing ever!! :( John and I both recall the story, but it is still so sad to hear it again! I can totally see you, with your insane ("insane" in an "I'm jealous" way) attention to detail, working so very hard on your box and valentines. Too cute about Peter's story, too.