Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things I have never seen before

Well, despite our misgivings, we took the advice of the hotel clerk to try the mexican restaurant just down the street. Sancho Pancho. We were thinking, "Mexican food in Scotland?This is going to be...ah...interesting."

Oh, we were so right.

Chips and salsa. Ok, seems normal so far. Wait...the salsa has cucumbers in it. And it's sort of sweet, rather like italian salad dressing. Still, pretty tasty. Mark doesn't do salsa at all, so I ate the little bowl by myself. The chips are tortilla triangles, but entirely unsalted.

Ordered a beef-and-bean burrito, the house speciality, called 'the famous wet burrito', which implied that it was smothered with sauce, which is what the description said "ground beef, refried beans, tomatoes, lettuce covered in our sauce...". Mark ordered just a regular beef burrito.

His was fairly normal - chunks of beef, red and green pepper, and lettuce. He asked for no tomato. Pretty good so far. The "sour cream" is obviously someting different here in Scotland;it's almost sweet, not tangy like I'm used to

My burrito, however, is a Serious Surprise. I have never in my life had a burrito in any sort of mexican restaurant that included lima beans and carrots and PEAS.

LIMA BEANS. In a beef burrito. And little half-cherry-tomatoes. And P-E-A-S. Peas!

I pretty much collapsed in fizzy laughter just down the street from the restaurant and mark had to drag me back to the hotel. i should add that this point that the burrito tasted pretty good - not too spicy, but quite good.

Lima beans. I may now have seen everything.

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