Thursday, May 28, 2009

Winding down

Ah-hah! Edinburgh finally --the last week and a half have seen us roving along the west coast and back in the Borders, finding lots of castles and trying to avoid the sheep.

It's almost the end of our vacation, and we're beginning to drag a bit. Our vacations are not usually very relaxing -- more like "get up at 7 and go go go until dinner at 7". And then crash like rocks, of course. We end up walking all over the place and I still contend that anything worth seeing in Scotland is UPHILL, so by the end of the day, I'm ready to just lay down and sleep wherever I happen to end up. Seriously, we'll need a vacation to recuperate from our vacation!

We arrived in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon, and I can only reinforce the mantra of "don't drive in Edinburgh" if you don't have to. Oy! Road construction and one-way streets and the rather random parking make it awfully hard to navigate if you aren't familiar with the area.

It's a lovely city, though. We're in a great hotel on the outskirts of town and will head in tomorrow to stay at the Witchery by the castle - -should be fun!

We had a slow morning today - got up late, had late breakfast, basically sat around until 11 when our laundry is supposed to be done. It's rather nice. I'm reading the guidebook to see what's what in the city, we're trying to decide when to do the Mary King's Close tour, and we are considering one of the open-top get-on-get-off busses to get around to the major sights. We have almost three days in Edinburgh this time, so we're not going to rush too much! (or so she says, having not yet seen the Old Town).

And we're back off into the world! See everyone in a few days!

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