Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why is that chicken wearing pants?

Just to prove that Mark and I share the same brain, we were driving up to Wick and passed by a house with chickens in the yard, including this huge rooster.

We turned to each other in the car and said - in unison - "why is that chicken wearing pants?"

We got a couple of days worth of giggles over it, and on our way back down the coast, we actually stopped at the house and took pictures of the chicken. We met the people there, who raise chickens, ducks, geese, and have a pony trekking business. They thought we were insane, of course, but we did try to explain about the chicken and the pants.

I don't think that helped.

The chicken is German, of course. They bought the eggs off eBay. After hearing this, we spent the rest of the day talking about Leiderhosen chickens..... Yes, we are strange. Very, very strange.

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Anonymous said...

You two have definitely been married to one another too long...

Unfortunately, I agree with your description of the rooster.