Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doggie Denistry

Well, other than the smoking hole in my credit card, Rowan is just fine - he had root canal last week to repair a broken tooth and several other chipped teeth. Two plus hours of anesthesia and he's got one stubby, rounded off fang, but no problems at all.

I can't believe that they do root canals, crowns, and -- get this -- braces on dogs. Although to be fair, it was a much better option than pulling the tooth.

Now if we can just get Uulaq's meds balanced right so she feels better. We are starting to discuss what we should do -- she's just not having a good time anymore, we don't think. She's mostly blind, she's got terrible arthritis in her hips and back and has trouble keeping steady when she's walking, she is slowly losing weight and she's spending nearly all of her time sleeping. The Adorable Husband can still spark her interest by taking her for a (short) walk, but she's definitely on that slow, downhill slide.

Bah. Dogs should live as long as we do.

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laurafingerson said...

So sad about Uulaq. :( She is one lucky dog to have you two as parents!