Saturday, July 18, 2009

Take That, Fiendish Device!

Less than 24 hours from the purchase and initial trial of the citronella-spray anti-bark collar...the weasels (I am strongly suspecting Berit, of course) pulled it down off the counter and chewed it up. Chewed the collar strap off the sprayer, chewed the brackets off the sprayer, left tooth-marks all over it.

Apparently, they didn't like it much, you think?

It still does work, though, so we used velcro and a creative rubber-band connector to attach it to the slightly-chewed strap. I can just imagine the beasties, though -"I've got it! Die, dastardly spraying thing! Ah-hah! You shall never work again, fiendish device! Bwaaahah!"

Too smart for their own good, the beastiea are.

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