Monday, July 06, 2009

Mock me now

Yes, just mock me. I am taking Rowan in to a dentist to possibly have a root canal done this week.

Rowan, if you are new here, is a DOG. He cracked off part of one of his lower fangs, and our regular vet said that we can either have it pulled out or consult with a specialist to see if might need a root canal to ensure that he doesn't get an abcess in the tooth. They might simply pull the tooth, but if we can avoid that and save the tooth, well, we'll do a root canal. I think it depends on whether enough of the tooth remains that it can be smoothed out and sealed properly.

Yes, root canal for dogs. When I expressed surprise that they did such a thing, the receptionist assured me that they also do braces. On dogs.

OK, I might be on the far end of weird dog owners, but even I wouldn't consider braces for my dog. That's just weird.

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