Sunday, October 25, 2009

And so it goes

Just to let you know how our weekend is going -- the Adorable husband went to Veloswap yesterday and bought a new bike. Quite nice - a hefty commuter sort of bike (not a lightweight racing bike, and not a heavy-duty off-roader, sort of in-between), and once he brought it home and put it all together, off he went to test out the bike.

It has front shocks, so he figured he'd try riding in the field near our house.

Which is why, less than ten minutes later, it is back in the garage and we are off to buy new tubes for both wheels.

Goatheads. The little suckers are sharp enough to easily pierce the tires and puncture the tubes. He had to pick them out of the tire by hand before he could put in the new ones - the thorns are tough enough to go through shoes (tip: never wear Crocs in a field with goatheads).

That's just how things have been going. We're both crabby and snarky today.

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