Friday, October 09, 2009

Berit Update

I realized I haven't posted an update for a bit on Berit -- she was walking stiffly, and having some weird problems with spots in her mouth and on her belly, and the corners of her mouth were dry, cracked, and bleeding. Took her in to the vet on Monday for blood work and it came back that it's not a tick-born disease, her blood chemistry is fine, but her platelet count is about 1/4 normal.

So, she's not clotting well, and our vet told us to keep her quiet so she doesn't get banged up. She went back in today and we took more blood to test for some immuno-responsive stuff. It's possible, but unlikely, that she has systemic Lupus. Hopefully not -- she's pretty young.

But she's racked out by my desk, we have to wait another 24 hours before we can give her steroids (which should get things back in a more normal range) and she seems to be doing pretty well today. Not sick, really, just tired and still very itchy. Poor beastie.

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