Thursday, October 22, 2009

122 below windchill

A friend of ours is currently at the South Pole - isn't that cool? He's scheduled to come back in November after four months in the cold and snow. One of the engineers also at the site has been posting a blog and videos - the one below is the walk from South Pole Station to the lab. It's rather long and a bit boring, but it definitely gives an idea of what the weather is like. Oy!

You can read the blog (not by our friend, but by one of the other engineers) at FreezeDriedEngineer

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laurafingerson said...

I have read a couple books by people who have stayed at the south pole -- one was by a woman who winteredover and it was soooo cool. How totally fun! I love how on the freeze driend engineer's blog, he reports "Temp -66.3, Windchill -102.5" in the same post as he talks about how summer is coming. Yeah.