Friday, January 01, 2010

Back in 2010

You may have noticed that I disappeared for the entire month of December -- lots of stuff going on: new client, family coming for the holidays, all that sort of stuff.

But, we're all fine here at Chez Phouka -- ten days with the Adorable Husbands family (ALL of them!) at the house and up skiing were a blast, and we're back to enjoying the usual quiet of our house. Mostly we're napping. The prep and setup and execution of the Christmas Horde Invasion took up most of our time. Bit higher stress level than normal, but it was a lovely visit.

So! Back from the break! I have plenty of opinions to share! I promise!

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laurafingerson said...

Bring on the opinions! Although, it was MUCH more fun hearing your opinions and stories in person! :)

Btw -- Ace told everyone at preschool this morning all about Rowan and Berit.