Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Greenies Warning

There's a report on CNN that Greenies, the edible breath-freshening dog bones that are so popular have caused 13 deaths due to intestinal blockage. I'm sure people will be freaking out about it, but 13 compared to the number of dogs is probably very, very small -- thus the risk is very, very small.

We have fed Greenies in the past, and will again. It's important to make sure you get one that your dog actually has to chew apart, and doesn't just swallow chunks of it. That's hard when you have big dogs. We do not give our dogs Booda Velvets or Booda Bones, because they bite off chunks and swallow them. Despite being "vet approved" and "total digestible" these can still cause problems.

We do give the beasts Busy Bone Ultimates (which are the biggest bones we can find) with great results. Their teeth are cleaner now than they have been in years, and they absolutely love "Giant Bone Day" at our house.

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