Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Plague Returns

Well, Barky and his alter-ego Snot Boy seemed to be feeling much better this morning. We, on the other hand, were all a bit delicate after a three-hour long fondue dinner with a lot of wine. But, one of the things we always do when Nin and Peter visit is go to the science museum in Denver (actually, the Denver Museum of Science and Nature) to see the latest show at the planetarium, and whatever IMAX movie is showing. And walk around aimlessly looking at bones and dried bugs.

Since Peter was actually looking and acting pretty perky this morning, we packed up and headed to the museum -- which was blissfully empty, as it is Superbowl Sunday and most everyone must have had other plans. After a few hours wandering, Barky the Seal Boy reappeared and we headed home where everyone napped. We're a lazy lot at Chez Phouka.

We managed to watch enough of the football game to figure out who won and decide that the commercials (the only real reason for watching the superbowl, as far as I can tell) were quite disappointing this year. Other than a few cute Budweiser commercials none of them were very inspiring.

Now, of course, Nini s starting to sound a bit hoarse, and I feel like I've been run over by a truck. We all have the Horrible Snot Plague and I'm expecting the barking cough to show up any moment. Ugh.

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