Tuesday, February 28, 2006

International Woman of Mystery

Still no resolution on documentation of my "previous life". I'm going to give it few days to see if any of the offices I talked to can help. There's pretty much nothing with all the information on it that can be gotten nearly two decades after the fact. I may have to resort to IRS records.

Or, as the Adorable Husband has suggested, I should pop into the local FBI office and demand, as a citizen of the United States, that they investigate me and prove my identity. It would take about four minutes, I imagine. If I could actually get them to do that. I wonder if they would?

In the meantime, since our illustrious government doesn't believe I was who I said I was, I've decided that my previous life should be an International Jewel Thief or Super Spy or something much more interesting. Hm. I think I need a theme song.

The Adorable Husband got the day off (unexpectedly) today -- called about 9am and asked if I wanted him to come home. We never did get to see a movie, but we bummed around Boulder for the day, bought a few cases of wine, found a new fondue pot, that sort of thing. It was an absolutely PERFECT day -- 77 degrees, sunny, lovely. It's entirely strange - the end of February and we have early summer weather (I think we set a record today). Even as late as 10pm it was still warm enough to walk outside without a coat.

Ya gotta love Colorado. Just as much chance for snow and freezing temps in winter as there is for 80 degree days. It's still pretty brown outside, but our trees have started to bud out, and the shrubbery in the front yard is looking mightly green.

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